May 4, 2012

{ Blog } Crush - Men In This Town

Hi readers and happy Friday! I bet lots of you are doing the weekend dance right about now. It looks like it will be another warm weekend, so I'm sure the Hubby and I will spend it outdoors. I promise to be a good blogger and take lots of pictures this time! We plan to see The Avengers tonight and I have been tasked with obtaining tickets early so we won't have to wait in the inevitably long lines later tonight. Hopefully, they're not sold out!

This week's Blog Crush is a recent find and a bit outside of my comfort zone. Men In This Town is a street style blog with our male counterparts as the subject matter. Photographer Giuseppe Santamaria photographs men from all walks of life during their everyday routine, as well as runway models backstage and on the catwalk.

When I found this blog I couldn't stop perusing the beautiful photos of dapper gents and models. I couldn't figure out what was drawing me to view page after page of photographs (other than the obvious...ahem) until it dawned on me. A lot of the street style subjects were adeptly layering their wardrobe! 

I've mentioned before how layering is a challenge for me since moving to the Bay Area from Florida. There was something so effortless in the layering that I needed to learn and replicate. There's no bulk, just layers of texture and fabric expertly covering the wearer without sacrificing their svelte silhouette.

Here are a few examples from the site that I hope inspires you in some way as it has inspired me.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for reading!


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