May 7, 2012

{ Week } In Photos

Hi readers and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was awesome! It was very warm, almost too warm, this weekend. The Hubby and I found our way to the Presidio on Sunday and walked around taking pictures. Afterward, we took a short drive down the coast before stopping by our favorite pizza shop in the Sunset neighborhood.

My week was actually pretty quiet this time around, so there aren't too many photos. I made Buffalo Shrimp Mac and Cheese, but, of course, I forgot to take pictures of the results. I'm sure I will make it again soon, so I will definitely take photos.

On Saturday night, the Hubby and I watched The Avengers. We wanted to see it in the afternoon, but it was sold out, along with many of the evening shows. We were lucky enough to get tickets and a great seat. I had major geek moments throughout the movie. I think I kept saying, "So cool!" throughout the movie.
AVENGERS!!!! #geekout

The views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Presidio were quite amazing. I still can't get used to seeing it.
GGB from Presidio

It's Yoda! There's a Yoda statue in the Presidio which makes sense since Lucasfilm and Lucasarts are located there.
Yoda statue in the Presidio

Across from the Presidio is the Exploratorium and The Palace of Fine Arts. This is a tiny view of this massive structure. It was quite breathtaking with lots of photo opportunities.
Day at the Exploratorium.

On our way out of the Presidio, we happened upon this road along the coast. We weren't expecting such a magnificent view, so our jaws dropped when the tree lined road made way to this open space.

Here's a preview of my next outfit post. A little bit of pattern mixing for good measure.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. Thanks for reading!


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