January 31, 2012

{ Blog Crush } Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary

Hello, beautiful readers and happy Tuesday! Today has been the absolute opposite of our weekend. So gray and cold outside with fog clinging to the hills. 

I've wanted to start a weekly feature on my blog for a while now. I didn't know what to post about on a weekly basis that I found interesting. After much internal debate, I realized that there are so many blogs that are not widely mentioned and linked. For example, go to any one of your favorite blogs and click on any blogger in their blog roll, then follow this process again on the new blog. What you will find, more often than not, are the same set of blogs found on every other bloggers blog roll. 

With that revelation I thought I would offer bloggers that I've found that may not be widely known within our circles (that are new to me). I haven't decided on which day of the week yet, but I'll make a decision very soon. It will most likely fall on a Wednesday or Friday. I will also update my sidebar for each Blog Crush post with my current blog crush only. That doesn't mean I'm not supportive of the blogs I follow. In fact, I hope to feature those blogs, too. 

For my first crush, I present to you Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary. Natsumi Hayashi is from Tokyo, Japan and is the subject of amazing levitation photos, which she takes all over Tokyo. She offers helpful tips on how to take your own levitation photos. She doesn't post on any particular timetable that I've noticed, so I usually check back every other week to see what's new. 

Here a few of my favorite levitation pics. I think the key to a perfect photo is to relax your hands and facial muscles. Also catching the shot on the way up against gravity to help with loose hair or garments.




Here's my first attempt at a levitation shot. I have a far way to go to a perfect picture. I jump with my entire body, face included, so it was definitely hard to stay relaxed.


Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments what you think of the feature.



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