December 6, 2011

{ Want } Stomping Ground

Hello, my lovely readers!

I have a confession to make. I am completely obsessed with finding a pair of knee-high boots. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair since 2005, no joke! Every year I tell myself, "this will be the year of the boot. Do not despair!". But every fall and winter has come and gone with me thoroughly disappointed.

The anatomy of my feet/legs is such that it makes it difficult to find the perfect fit. I have big feet, skinny ankles and athletic thighs. Which means, either the ankle is much too baggy or the fit is too tight in the calf. I did find a pair of boots that are perfect in every way, but alas, my short legs had the last laugh. The shaft is about half an inch too high. I won't let my legs make a mockery out of me! I kept those boots from 2007 in hopes that I can find a cobbler that can shorten the shaft to my specs.

Until the day comes when I can wear my almost perfect boots, I will continue my hunt. Here a few lovelies that I've been eyeing along with ankle boots for good measure.

Stomping Ground

1. Nine West Firsthand: Beautiful navy and black pairing and I like the zip front detail. {buy it here}
2. Nine West Aroundtown: Own these in black. They're gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable! {buy it here}
3. Frye Shirley Strappy: The buckle detail and the chocolate brown leather are calling me. {buy it here}
4. Boutique 9 Demarko: The rugged look of this bootie has my imagination running wild with the styling possibilities. {buy it here}
5. Nine West Watery: I like buckles! {buy it here}
6. Frye Erin Riding: Not quite buckles, but a fun and toned down variation. I like that the stirrup detail around the ankle is repeated at the top of the shaft. {buy it here}
7. Nine West Checkit: Nice chunky heel and beautiful neutral color. This bootie makes me want to experiment with textured/patterned socks peeking out the top. {buy it here}


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