December 5, 2011

{ Wear } Mountain View Cemetery

Hi readers and happy Monday!

I really hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The Hubby and decided to go exploring again on Sunday. Our adventures took us to Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland and surprisingly, I wasn't creeped out about walking around a cemetery. It was beautiful with the fall foliage still hanging on to their branches, the cool crisp air and the warm glow of the setting sun. It was also quite peaceful, which is to be expected since it's a cemetery. (I wasn't expecting there to be parties at every turn or anything, but I didn't get that weird vibe of being in a cemetery).

Mountain View is enormous (compared to what I'm used to in Florida) so we chose to hike around an area called Millionaire's Row. So named because of the marble everything and the impressive crypts. There are supposed to be famous people buried here and one name that I recognized was Ghiradelli. As in Ghiradelli chocolates!

Mountain View Cemetery 2
{ Anthropologie blouse and cardigan; ASOS scarf; The Limited jeans; DSW beret }

Based on the photo gallery it looks like it's equally beautiful in the Spring, which happens to be my other favorite season. I'll have to make a note to visit when all the ornamental trees are blooming.

I am now completely hooked on Instagram! It makes me feel like a skilled photographer, even though I'm far from it. If you would like to follow me, my screen name is @kimmiechronicles. I would love to share my photos and to also see yours!


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