May 23, 2011

{Wear} The Silver Lining Fell Off

Hi readers, I hope you all are having a happy Monday.

I am sad to report that I am not. I'm usually very positive in my posts, but I'm not happy today, readers. Not happy one bit. In one of my recent posts I shared with you what I've been craving and that one of the items I actually splurged on. Well, I'm sad to report that it was my Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. mini order that was cancelled. (Booo!)

I received an e-mail on Saturday from the sample sale site where I placed my order. They let me know that they sold more items than what the designer could supply, so I received a refund. I was really bummed when I read this e-mail. I don't usually splurge on high-ticket items, but when I do, it's because I really want it and will be very patient until it's mine! I'll become an eBay stalker and hope that it will turn up sooner than later.

Enough of the pity-party. On to today's look!

The full skirt on this dress makes me want to spin like a top!
Dress: Anthropologie (buy it in the spring/summer colors here)
Cardigan: J Crew (similar style here)
Shoes: Kors Michael Kors


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