January 18, 2011

More Blog Updates

Good evening, readers!

After much deliberation, I have decided to update my blog with a new blog header, which I presented yesterday, and a new commenting system. I wanted to be able to have a blog where I can interact with my readers, and where my readers can interact with each other! I've had a few lovely readers post nice comments on my posts. Now I will be able to respond to you directly here on the blog!

Without further ado, the commenting system is:

The good news about this new commenting system: more interaction from me! The bad news: all of the comments you have posted have been deleted. Boo! Rest assured future comments will not (*should not*) be deleted. 

Here are a few tips and features of intense debate to help you through the process:

  • You will not need an intense debate account in order to leave a comment. You can leave a comment using your login information for OpenID, Wordpress or as a Guest. If you choose to create an intense debate account, it's free!
  • You can subscribe to a single post or to all posts
  • Replying to a comment on each post is super easy
Feel free to visit intense debate to check out the full features. 

Go ahead, give it a try by leaving a comment! Happy commenting!


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