June 4, 2012

{ Week } In Photos

Hi readers and happy Monday! I had a pretty quiet weekend which involved popcorn and vegging out with the Hubby. Here are a few food and flora snapshots from my week. Enjoy!

I tried a few new recipes; scones made from scratch, a delicious salad and chicken pot pie. This was the most challenging since I've never eaten chicken pot pie before. It was delicious and easier to make than I thought. It was difficult finding a recipe that didn't use cream of mushroom soup. Luckily, the recipe I found is relatively healthier with less sodium.

My first attempt at scones made from scratch. Not too shabby. #baking #scones

Scones Recipe

The Hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week. Since it fell on a weekday this year, we had a low-key dinner and I made my first tart! I wanted to try and make it as healthy as possible, so instead of the typical tart dough, I found this much healthier option.

I've been on a red kick lately when it's time to choose flowers. I'm sure it has something to do with it being my favorite color. Next time I'll make a conscious effort to pick other colors.



Let me know how you spent your weekend in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


  1. That tart looks amazing and so professional looking. Hope you guys had a lovely anniversary!
    I've always wanted to make scones. Did you find it relatively easy?

  2. Omg, sooo much delish food. I definitly have to try out the tart! :)



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