January 11, 2012

{ Eat } Two Recipes, One Stomach

Hello readers, and happy Hump Day! Three posts in a row! I know, right?! I guess this organization thing is paying off.


Last week I was searching the internet for something to make for dinner that didn't involve too many ingredients or time. I came across this recipe from Smitten Kitchen that looked easy enough to make. I already had all the ingredients on hand, and I love any soup that's orange.


This recipe was extremely easy and very delicious. After the gorge fest that was the Holiday season, we really needed to eat something healthy and light. Side note: I highly recommend adding a little extra ginger and miso as it enhances the sweetness of the carrots.


We had 2 bananas left from when my parents were visiting that were becoming ripe. I don't eat raw bananas (Im not sure why. I'm slowly starting to introduce them into my diet. Here's a bit of trivia: I didn't like raw tomatoes, avocado or grapefruit, but I eat them now) and the Hubby won't eat them when they're raw, so I decided to find a recipe to throw them into.


I didn't want to make the typical banana bread, so I opted for this recipe instead. I'll show a step-by-step the next time I make it. I was too engrossed in making the cake to remember to photograph my process. Hopefully, these pictures will tide you over until then.


Have a wonderful day tomorrow and thanks for reading!



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