June 5, 2011

{Travel} Vacation Highlights

Hi readers and happy Sunday!

The weekend went by so quickly, but I hope it was a good one for everyone!

As promised, I have a few photos from our vacation we took last month on the Royal Caribbean Oasis. It is the second largest cruise ship in the world (second to its sister ship the Allure). It's almost like a floating city with many restaurants, retail stores, and even a mini fair complete with a merry-go-round. Take a look at the website here to see more about the ship and maybe book a cruise.

Trying to get acquainted with the ship. If you take a look at the website, you will see that it is very big!

 There is a beautiful open air space in the center of the ship called Central Park. There are over 12,000 individual plants and trees...on a ship...in the ocean!

 On the way out to the merry-go-round there are really cool depictions of the different stages of how a horse on a merry-go-round is made. This is at the back of the ship (I think it's called the stern?) where there is an aqua theater and a rock climbing wall.


 Yes, this is a Coach store. On a ship...

 A very talented man in Falmouth, Jamaica carving really cool animals, faces, masks, etc.

 Joe Pesci was our tour guide in Mexico!! (Just kidding. His name is Enrique and he was a great guide to the ancient city of Tulum)

 Tulum Mayan ruins

 These huge lizards were everywhere!

 The best hat for a sunny day and 90+ degree weather.

 Our boat that took us from Cozumel to the main land of Mexico and back. You know you're in for a bumpy ride when they hand out barf bags after they push out from the dock. 

 The water in Mexico is so beautiful. There were so many different shades of blue. 

 Every night when we came back to our room after dinner, we had different towel animals to greet us. A pig, an elephant and even a seal. I've seen those before on other ships, but I'd never seen a towel monkey! I was so excited I took a picture of it and refused to take it down during the rest of our trip.


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