February 19, 2011


I did it again, readers! I fell asleep while trying to upload my post. Here is what was supposed to go up last night.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm heading off to visit my folks, so I may not have a chance to post this weekend.

Happy Friday, readers, and it is a happy Friday indeed!

I'm excited for a number of reasons. First, it's Friday, duh! Second, it's a three day weekend for must, but a four day weekend for me. Booyah! Finally, it's my 70th post!

I know this isn't a huge landmark in the blogosphere, but it's a big deal for me. It was the number of posts that I wanted to reach in order to feel accomplished with this blog. I don't know why I chose the number 70, it just seemed to be an attainable number.

Another accomplishment for me is this awesomely beautiful dress that I wore today. When I first saw it in the Anthropologie catalog, I immediately fell in love with the colors. So many of my favorites in one garment?! Instant happiness! I knew I had to have it right away, just not at full price. Every week I waited patiently for it to go on sale. When it finally did, I bought it immediately!!

It's been sitting in my closet for a few weeks now. I thought it was a bit too chilly to wear for our Valentine's Day zoo date, so it sat patiently in my closet until today. Today was it's debut.

Here's to accomplishing the things that we set out to do!

Dress: Anthropologie Lappula Dress (kind of similar style here)
Cardigan: Anthropologie Dawning Cardigan 
Belt: Linea Pelle
Shoes: Cole Haan G-Series
Bag: Coach


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