February 25, 2011

Lost and Found

Happy Friday, readers!

I am SOOO glad the weekend is here! I did my weekend dance when I got home. Maybe one day I'll show it to you, just not yet...

I have trouble letting certain articles of clothing go long after their "expiration date". I usually think that I would wear it again someday, but it just sits in the drawer or hangs in the closet for many years.
Today is a day that I'm very happy that I didn't get rid of everything older than 3 years of age. I bought this sweater from The Limited in 2003. It is soft and of excellent quality compared to some sweaters that they carry now.

I've worn this dress many times before, but it became boring after pairing it with cardigans each time. I turned to a few of my favorite bloggers to gain inspiration on different ways to wear a shirtdress.
I almost didn't wear this today, as it is far outside of my comfort zone. It's not so much the pairing of the sweater over the shirtdress that is uncomfortable, it's the fact that the silhouette isn't seamless. I don't like wrinkles, lumps from sleeves or protruding buttons. I suppose the beauty of fashion is that it's not perfect, which makes it that much more interesting.


Sweater: The Limited
Dress: Anthropologie Rainforest Morning Shirtdress
Necklace: J. Crew
Brooch: Macy's
Belt: Linea Pelle
Shoes: Cole Haan G-Series


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