August 3, 2011

{Want} Around the Kitchen

Hi readers!

Happy Wednesday! Today is actually my Friday as the Hubby and I are headed to Orlando tomorrow. Since I have some packing and laundry to do, I'm going to keep this post a little short.

There are a few items that I've had my eye on to add to our kitchen collection. We don't have a lot of items for entertaining yet, and I think these items would fit the bill. I tend to steer towards dishes that might be considered plain to some people. I like to have the dish or glass serve as a canvas to what I'm serving and, in some cases, to add a little whimsy to the everyday.

1. Anthropologie Bubbled Beverage Dispenser - This immediately caught my eye when I saw it! I would fill this beauty with homemade lemonade along with lemon and orange slices.
2. Anthropologie Horta Tumbler - I love the delicate etching on this glass. It's elegant and would look great filled with raspberry iced tea.
3. Anthropologie Latte Bowls - These latte bowls have been on Anthro's website and in-store for quite some time. I fell in love with these when our chai latte's were served in bowls just like this on our honeymoon.
4. ModCloth Beau-tea-ful Surprise Mug - This has to be my absolute favorite out of the bunch! It's so unexpected and fun. How fun it would be to watch someone's reaction when they're halfway through drinking their coffee or tea!
5. Anthropologie Winking Wisecracker Jar - How cute is this little owl cookie jar? Not only is it my favorite animal, but it's winking! With all the cookies I've been baking lately this would be a perfect way to store them.
6. ModCloth Know It Owl Mug - What can I say, I have a soft spot for owls.


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