March 10, 2011

Form Or Function

Happy Friday eve, readers!

I had to work late tonight, so there's no outfit post today. I do have a request from you all to help me make a decision.  Ever since I received my new camera as a holiday gift, I have been trying to find a camera bag that can hold my camera body with a lens attached along with my wallet, keys and lip balm.

After a quick Google search and few forums later, I found epiphan!e. Their camera bags are a beautiful marriage between form and function. They have 5 different styles to choose from and colors that will appeal to anyone. I have my eye on the Ginger, Lola and Clover in no particular order.

So tell me what you think! Which bag would you choose?

epiphan!e Lola

epiphan!e Ginger

Inside Lola and Ginger
photos courtesy of redefining querida

epiphan!e Clover
photo courtesy of renee hicks photography


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